Step by Step Open Filer Installation and Configuration – Part 2

We have configured Openfiler storage and presented LUN to our ESXi from OpenFiler Storage Side.

If you have not seen Part 1 of the OpenFiler series – Do check the link below

Now let’s create Datastore out of the LUN which we have presented to our ESXi. 🙂

Login to the ESXi

Once we have logged in to ESXi, Go to Storage Tab and click on Configure iSCSI

Click on Enabled

Click on Add dynamic Target and enter the ISCSi Target Server IP (Here it is Open filer server IP) and click on Save Configuration.

Click on Rescan Tab

Now you will be able to see that Openfiler Lun which has been created is available to the ESXI host

Now click on New Datastore to create the datastore.

Select Create a New VMFS Datastore

Give the name to the datastore and select the OpenFiler LUN which has been created of 160 GB and click on Next

Click on Next again

Click on Next

Click on Finish.

This is how simple it is to create Datastore out of LUN 🙂

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