Quick reference Steps to perform VMware Horizon 7 Upgrade

This is the quick reference blog for performing the VMware Horizon Connection Server and VMware View Composer Upgrade 🙂

Hope You Guys will like it 🙂

1) Disable provisioning in VMware Horizon Admin.

2) Take a backup of Connection Server Adam database from Horizon Admin.

3) Take a snapshot of Connection servers and Composer.

4) Take View Events and Composer database backup.

5) Copy the composer certificate thumbprint by accessing url. https://composername:18443

6) Start with Composer upgrade by running the VMware View Composer Installer file (in place Upgrade) and ensure Windows Firewall Service is running and in the automatic state, while installation select existing certificate and select the thumbprint which you have fetched from point no.5.

7) Once composer installation completes, verify it by checking in the Horizon Dashboard Health status.

8) Start with Connection server Upgrade by running the Horizon Connection Server installer (in place Upgrade) and ensure Windows Firewall Service is running and in automatic state and there is no pending reboot on Connection server and start the installation.

This post will be helpful for the people to have a quick glance and to avoid any points to be skipped.

Soon will be creating a descriptive step by step procedure for VMware Horizon Components Upgrade 🙂

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