VMware vSphere 6 Boosted VMotion Feature

As I continue, describing about the features of VMware vSphere 6, let me tell about the magical feature of Virtualization which changed the whole world and that is the lovely VMotion Feature and when we were thinking about the VMotion, VMware came up with the boom enhancement in VMotion.

Lists of enhancements in VMotion with vSphere 6:

  • Cross vSwitch VMotion So as name says this allows Cross vSwtich VMotion that means now we will be able to migrate any VM from one VSS (Virtual Standard Switch) to another VSS (Virtual Standard Switch) without any issue and this is not only limited to standard Switch, that’s right you can now migrate from VDS (Virtual Distributed Switch) to VDS (Virtual Distributed Switch) and VSS (Virtual Standard Switch) to VDS (Virtual Distributed Switch) also. So isn’t it great 🙂


  • Long Distance VMotion So this says it is Long Distance VMotion and when VMware says it is Long Distance VMotion than it actually is, Earlier the maximum latency bearable for VMotion was 10ms and with the all new enhancements the Maximum latency bearable for VMotion is now 150 ms and this is been made to ensure the migration gets completed even during the high latency and yes that means you can migrate VM from one city to another or may be country to without any trouble, if VMotion network latency is under 150 ms.


  • VMotion of physical RDM attached VM’s Yes now you can also do VMotion of Microsoft Clustered VM’s in which physical RDM’s are attached and which will reduce downtime or I can say now downtime for doing VMotion of the VM’s which had physical RDM’s attached and this are supported with Windows 2008, 2008 R2, 2012 and 2012 R2. That’s really awesome feature. 🙂


  • Cross vCenter VMotion We were always talking about will we be ever able to do Cross vCenter VMotion and now answer is “YES, With VMware vSphere 6 we will be able to migrate VM’s from one vCenter to another vCenter, the only requirement is it should be in the same SSO domain. You can also perform VMotion with no shared storage between source and destination which is also called as “Shared Nothing Migration”.

So that’s all for now, I will keep updating on the Virtualization Technologies.

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